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Professional interpreters for virtually all languages and specialist areas.

Professional interpreters as well as state-of-the-art interpreting technology.

Do you require one or more interpreters for your business meetings, conferences, congresses, workshops, negotiations or presentations? Then you have come to the right place! We are on hand to assist you with graduate interpreters qualified in virtually all languages and specialist areas and with many years of experience and perfect linguistic and professional expertise. Our offering of suitable interpreting technology which corresponds to state-of-the-art technical standards rounds off our overall package.

Irrespective of whether it is simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting, we will be pleased to advise you and will create a no-obligation offer for you that is customised to your requirements! Please contact us by telephone, by e-mail or via our enquiry form – we will contact you without delay!

A host of good reasons in favour of our interpreting service:

We offer superbly qualified and experienced interpreters for almost all available language combinations and specialist areas.
Our interpreters are characterised by flexible and prompt availability.
Our interpreters stand out with their well-groomed and professional appearance.
We ensure compliance with the guidelines of the ÖNORM D 1202 in the area of interpreting.
Each interpreting assignment is thoroughly prepared.
If necessary, we offer you the appropriate technical support.
We can be reached throughout our business hours.
Strictest confidentiality applies with all interpreting assignments.
For your information: We have liability insurance in the event of a claim. However, we have never had to use this insurance!

Qualifications and expertise of our interpreters

Our conference interpreters have completed a degree in theoretical and applied translation.

After learning the foreign language(s) and the accompanying skills as a translator during their Bachelor’s degree, the theoretical and in particular the practical skills are consolidated further in the course of the Master’s degree for conference interpreters.

In addition, our conference interpreters not only have theoretical and practical knowledge in the technique of conference interpreting per se but also have intercultural expertise that is essential for a smooth procedure at the respective event.

Our interpreters thus guarantee performances of the highest order, not only with regard to professional aspects but also regarding interpersonal skills. For it is frequently not enough just to transfer the content of what has been said into another language; in addition, this also has to be interpreted in the right cultural and social context. An experienced conference interpreter recognises in a timely manner whether and where misunderstandings could arise and takes this into account accordingly in the course of the interpreting.

A rapid grasp of new ideas and linguistic sensitivity are the basic prerequisite for the complex work of interpreting.

What types of interpreting are our conference interpreters able to do?

Depending on the topic, setting and the number of guests, the use of a certain form of interpreting is appropriate. In the following, we would like to familiarise you with the two fundamental types of conference interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is by far the most well-known discipline in interpreting. Here, the conference interpreters demonstrate an ability to multi-task at the highest level because they have to concentrate on two parallel events at the same time. When they interpret during the event, i.e. when they talk, they also have to listen at the same time in order to capture the content of the current speaker or the presenter and then translate it further immediately.

For this type of interpreting, our interpreters are usually booked for major events such as congresses, podium discussions or press conferences.

As this type of interpreting requires maximum concentration, it is virtually impossible, even for the most experienced conference interpreters, to interpret without interruption for more than around 30 minutes. For this reason, our employees usually work in pairs for simultaneous interpreting.

The basic technical equipment required for this type of conference interpreting is a booth with the appropriate interpreting technology. With smaller events, a tour-guide system is sufficient.

A special type of simultaneous interpreting is whispered interpreting. It is particularly suited for interpreting of conversations between 2-3 people, for instance, during negotiations or business meetings. The interpreter is directly next to the conversation partners and whispers the interpreting into their ear simultaneously.

Consecutive interpreting

Here, interpreting takes place without accompanying interpreting technology. The conference interpreter interprets what is spoken in sections. There is alternating listening and interpreting; during this process, our conference interpreters make notes during the speech or the discussion with the aid of a specially learned technique and always translate what the speaker says again.

With this type of interpreting, it needs to be taken into account that the interaction of the speaking between the speaker and conference interpreter doubles the length of the event, in contrast to simultaneous interpreting.

Our conference interpreters are frequently booked for this type of interpreting at formal occasions, such as during opening speeches.

What can you as a customer do to facilitate a smooth procedure for your event with our conference interpreters?

Preparatory documents

Our conference interpreters are professionals. But they can nevertheless make their performance even better if they have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the topic of the respective event beforehand. Documents such as presentations or further information about the companies represented that are sent in advance can assist here.

Speed of talking

Try to speak slowly and with emphasis. Not only our conference interpreters but also the other listeners will thus understand what is being said better.

If you have any questions on this topic, and also on the organisation of your forthcoming event, we will be pleased to assist you at any time!