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Qualification of our translators.

As the profession of translator is unfortunately not protected, this job title can also be used by persons without in-depth training and qualifications.

That is why compliance with the criteria listed below is of pivotal importance at Übersetzungen [HOISS] for ensuring high-quality translations.

These criteria are checked on a regular basis by the responsible ISO institution:


We only work with translators who have in-depth specialist knowledge in the respective specialist area, who translate into their mother tongue and provide proof that they

have completed a degree in translation studies or
hold a university degree in another field and have at least two years of full-time professional experience in translation or

have five years of full-time professional experience in the field of translation

In addition, we attach great importance to our employees upskilling on a continuous basis through training and further education and through the reading of relevant specialist literature.


Our translators have the following expertise and qualifications:

Specialist, linguistic and text expertise in the source and in the target language
Our translators are able to capture the content of the respective source text in full and to transfer it correctly to the target language, taking into account the conventions of the respective text type.

Research expertise
Our translators know how to obtain the necessary additional information that they require with the aid of diverse sources of information and research tools in order to capture the content of the source text and to transfer it correctly into the target language.

Cultural expertise
Our translators have the necessary knowledge of the culture of the source and the target languages as well as the corresponding sensitivity to produce translations that take the special cultural characteristics into account.

Quality assurance

Translations are carried out by our mother-tongue translators qualified pursuant to ISO 17100.
Translators check their own translation a second time.
Bilingual checking (revision) pursuant to the international standard ISO 17100 by a second qualified translator.
Translation and revision by qualified translators that are specialised in the respective specialist field.


Training and specialist expertise are not only important in the selection of our translators but also with our in-house employees.

That is why all our project managers have a language-related degree (e.g. degree in German Studies or Translation). We thus already ensure from the start of the order handling that our employees, based on their language expertise and training, can correctly assess which of our translators is most suitable for the respective translation or the proofreading in order to meet the requirements of the text.

Handling of data

All documents that are transmitted to us by customers are treated with discretion, i.e. any information in the commissioned text about the customers, etc. may not be used or disclosed outside of the office (with the exception of the translators / proofreaders / checkers of the subject matter).

All in-house and external employees have to sign a non-disclosure declaration. At the request of our customers, we are also willing to sign an additional non-disclosure declaration provided by them. The documents of our customers are received solely by electronic means and are subject to data security.

In order to increase the data security for our customers, the website www.uebersetzungen‑ was converted to a https encryption (https://www.uebersetzungen‑ in June 2017. All files that are received via the enquiry form on our website are thus transmitted in encrypted form.

If you have any other questions regarding the qualification of our employees or regarding our quality assurance, please feel free to contact our office at any time!