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Specialist translations in the areas of law, business, finance, technology and medicine.

Übersetzungen Hoiss has been offering low-cost and professional translations of specialist texts into virtually all languages, for companies and private individuals, since 1997. With our almost 300 freelancers now, we cover virtually every specialist area - from medicine to technology.

”Satisfied customers are the basis for a successful company in the long term” is our corporate philosophy. With our excellent customer service and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we try to meet this aspiration at all time.

Our translators are competent in all specialist areas and produce professional translations in numerous languages. We are your first point of call for topnotch specialist translations from the areas:

Business and finance
Advertising etc.

Business and finance

Our economy is more global than ever today. An increasing number of companies are networked with their customers and business partners around the world. Specialist translations are fundamental here as a means of communication. That is why it is important that specialist business texts are written in impeccable style and grammar in order for them to appear reputable and professional to foreign customers. Both statutory boundary conditions as well as characteristics specific to the sector must be complied with and conventions specific to the country and culture must be taken into account. The translation of texts from the areas of business and finance, whether they are annual financial statements, income statements or press releases, not only requires commercial knowledge but also special know-how from other specialist areas such as law and marketing. Our translators have outstanding industry knowledge and are superbly familiar with the respective terminology. We can thus guarantee that you will receive translations in virtually all languages and that these are impeccable with regard to the subject matter and the terminology. In addition to many others, we translate the following types of business texts:

Shareholder agreements
Income statements
Annual financial statements
Press releases
Insurance policies and many others
Whatever type of business texts you want to have translated – we will be pleased to assist you!


With the increasing globalisation of our modern world, collaboration between countries has become indispensable in virtually all areas. Good and, above all, precise translations of legal texts and contracts are required that comply with valid legal practice and legal terminology. It is all the more important that these translations are produced by qualified mother-tongue translators who are specialised in the required area of specialism and have many years of professional experience.

In addition to many others, we translate the following types of legal texts into all languages, including in certified form:

Extracts from the companies register
Articles of association
Purchase agreements
Rental agreements
Insurance contracts
Patent specifications
General terms and conditions of business
Lawyer correspondence

Specialist translations from the area of law – professional, quick and discreet! You can rely on us!

For your security, all translated texts are proofread by a second specialist translator. We can thus supply impeccable translations that you can rely on!


Complex technology translations in a very short space of time

With translations in all technical areas such as electrical engineering, chemicals, mechanical engineering and power plant technology, the focus is on accuracy, uniformity and clarity. Here, you can rely on the excellent specialist qualification and many years of experience of our specialist translators! No combination of languages is too unusual and no topic too complex for us! As we are certified according to ISO 17100, we are bound by international quality standards. Specifically, this means: Each translated text is proofread and precisely checked again by a proven specialist. We can thus guarantee that all our specialist translations meet the highest quality standards.

In addition to many others, we translate the following types of technical texts into virtually all languages:

Instructions for use and maintenance manuals
Documentation in the areas of quality, environment and occupational safety
Installation instructions for systems and machines
Declarations of conformity / Manufacturer’s declarations
Patents, websites and press releases
Safety data sheets and technical specifications
Technical product catalogues
Our specialist areas from the technology area include:
Plant engineering
Construction machines
Electrical engineering
Structural and civil engineering
Power plant technology
Mechanical engineering
Paper production
Environmental technology
Process engineering
Supply technology
Do you require, perhaps urgently, a specialist technical translation at a fair price? We will be pleased to help with your enquiry!


Do you also want to be successful with your product or your service in a country where another language is spoken? Advertising lives from linguistic nuances, puns and metaphors. The translation of advertising texts, whether they are flyers, posters, websites, brochures or newsletters, therefore requires a very special sensitivity to linguistic and culture-specific aspects. So that your message is also heard in the target language and target culture, we only work with mother-tongue translators who are superbly familiar with the special requirements of advertising texts. They have a perfect command of the advertising language and orient themselves to the language style of the respective target group. We thus ensure that your message remains catchy and concise in the target language and sounds at least as good as in the original! In addition to many others, we translate the following types of advertising texts into almost all languages:

Whatever type of advertising texts you want to have translated – our translation agency will be pleased to assist you!

Medicine / Pharmaceuticals

Experienced specialists for medical translations

Medical or pharmacological texts such as medical research reports, clinical studies, medical reports, drug descriptions, product descriptions, specialist medical articles and websites are characterised by a specific and precise specialist language. In the event of a translation, this must be rendered precisely in the target language. Our translators for the Medicine and Pharmaceuticals sector thus have in-depth knowledge of the material and years of experience in terminology and specialist language. Ongoing further training and collaboration with doctors and pharmacists are a matter of course for them. We can thus guarantee that you will receive translations in virtually all languages and that these are impeccable with regard to the subject matter and the terminology. In addition to many others, we translate the following types of medical tests:

Drug descriptions
Doctor’s reports
Package information leaflets
Clinical/medical studies
Medical reports
Product descriptions
Training documents
Whatever type of medical texts you want to have translated – our translation agency will be pleased to assist you!

The following applies for all our specialist translations:

flexible and rapid processing of your texts
availability throughout our office hours
proofreading by a second translator
absolute compliance with deadlines
we have a liability insurance – in the event of a claim, we will pay for your costs (has never been used once since 1997)
no restriction in capacity

A host of major contractual partners already put their faith in our professional services. We would be delighted to soon count your company among them.

Is your specialist area not represented in our programme at first glance? We are perfectly networked and undoubtedly have an experienced specialist translator who is predestined for your interests.

Please feel free to send us an enquiry for a translation via our website. We will be glad to assist you with any questions you might have. By telephone, you can reach us during our office hours on the following telephone number: 0043 (0)316 83 82 81 in Graz, 0043 (0)732 21001 7026 in Linz and on 0043 (1) 59999 5060 in Vienna.

Our team looks forward to hearing from you!